Welcome to the 14th Balkan Congress of Human Genetics
and 9th Rare Disease SEE Meeting

Skopje, North Macedonia

5-7 October, 2023


Associate Professor, University of Tirana & Centre of Molecular Diagnostics and Genetics Research,
University Hospital Obstetrics-Gynecologic "Mbreteresha Geraldina",
Tirana, Albania


Dr. Merita Xhetani is Associate Professor, member of Department of Biology, and Head of the Center of Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Research, University Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology “Queen Geraldine”, in Tirana, Albania.

Her lab’s research is primarily the study of hematopoietic disorders, with a focus on the regulation of erythropoiesis, on disease model development and in particular on gene therapy of β-thalassemia. Recently Merita’s work is focused on applying genome editing tools for genetic engineering of blood cells and contributions to the field involve applying precise gene editing to monogenic blood disorders. She attended many training courses in molecular genetics in different European countries and recently completed her postdoctoral studies in Functional Genomics at LFKRI, Research Institute, New York Blood Center, NY, USA, supported by the Fulbright research program. She is also chair of the Albanian Society of Human Molecular Genetics.

Presentation title:

Genetic testing of miscarriages using a QF-PCR and MLPA strategy: 2 years experience from Albania

Merita Xhetani & Eliona Demaliaj

The abstract book is available for download!