Welcome to the 14th Balkan Congress of Human Genetics
and 9th Rare Disease SEE Meeting

Skopje, North Macedonia

5-7 October, 2023


Medical Genetics at the University of Turin, Italy


Dr Slavica Trajkova MD, PhD, is a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Medical Genetics at the University of Turin, Italy. In 2019 she started the NeuroWES-Macedonia project together with Prof. Shukarova-Angelovska and Prof. Peltichkovski, an international multi-center study where it was performed trio-whole exome sequencing (WES) on many neurodevelopmental diseases (NDD) patients in collaboration with the Autism Sequencing Consortium (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY). A large part of her research is functional characterization of variants of uncertain significance and description of novel disease-associated genes through implementation of various genetic and epigenetic techniques. For her work she received the Nicola Migone Award by the Italian Society of Human Genetics.

Presentation title: Gene discovery and precision medicine in neurodevelopmental disorders using “episignatures”

The abstract book is available for download!